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Shop Home

A slider for highlighting products and campaigns, followed by a clean and clear shop layout - perfect for eCommerce....


Corporate Home

A grid layout in combination with highly informative and beautifully designed content gives this home a determined feel....

Agency Home

A simpler header with no top menu and a purposeful element layout make this home perfect for creative businesses....


Company Home

The slider in this home highlights the parallax effect and is followed by interactive elements like the process carousel....


Business Home

Besides the stunning full screen slider, this home is full of useful elements and carefully animated sections....


Professional Home

A dark top menu and classic slider followed by the perfect mix of dark and light sections give this home a distinct look....


Office Home

Made for the modern office. This home has a classic page layout full of practical and informative sections....


Original Home

A clean and contemporary design with remarkable UI elements – ensuring an outstanding user experience....